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Spring Launch - $Free w/Winterize Package

Although the Spring Launch is included with your "Big Boat" winterize package, the boat must be "summerized" (previously run and ready for launch) previous to service to insure a flawless launch. This can be done by the boat owner or we also offer that service that includes a safety check of all systems. The "Spring Launch" is a basic launch with our hydraulic trailer at the city launch ramp. We will remove boat from stands and back into water and help with departure. Boat owner must be present and meet at marina before we load boat onto trailer and head to boat ramp. A reschedule fee of $50 will be charged if a scheduled launch is cancelled. If boat owner is late and we are "standing by" to load boat there will be a late fee calculated at $100 per half hour (2 men & equipment). We do not launch boats on Saturdays or Sundays after 10am. Boat owners may want to choose the "Captains Launch" to meet their schedule. We will launch you boat previous to your arrival and stage it at our marina for an additional $175. We do not launch boats in the rain and we reserve the right to reschedule your launch if we see difficulties with weather, etc. 

Captain’s Launch/Temp. Mooring - $175.00

We pre launch your boat for you and tie it up at our marina to await your arrival. The boat must be summerized and ready for launch previous to service and we can perform that for you. This "Captain’s Launch" is a more flexible option if weather is a concern, scheduling conflicts, off-hours pick up or a pick up on weekends after 10Am. Boat can be moored for up to 3 days at our marina, after that a $50 a day mooring charge will be charged. All services must be paid in full before we launch your boat. 

"BEST" Spring Commissioning & Summerization Package   $350.00 Single Engine $450.00 Twin Engines

This service includes removal of shrink wrap and support structure, disposal of shrink wrap cover, soapy wash exterior to remove winter dust and dirt, reinstall bimini top and canvas enclosure, battery charge, start up engine(s), flush fresh water systems, and our spring commissioning checklist. This would be all you need for a successful spring launch! (Price for inboard engines and sterndrive engines)

Other Services and Specials

Basic Summerize Inboard or Stern Drive

(Charge batteries, start up, check engine, tighten hoses and drain plugs, run to temp, check alternator output) (Circle) Single I/O $250 Twin I/O $350 (Add $25 motor I.B. or V-Drive). Customer to remove shrink wrap. Does not include Install camper top, wash boat or full boat checklist - See "Spring Boat Commissioning & Summerization Package" above.

Oil Change w/any summerization pkgs $45 per engine plus oil/filter (25W40 @ $Mrkt qt/Filters $8.00 to $15.00 most)

Oil Change with out any summerize pkgs $150 per engine plus oil/filter (25W40 @ $Mrkt qt/Filters $8.00 to $15.00 most)

Shrink Wrap Removal Special $195   Remove shrink wrap and support structure, soapy wash exterior, reinstall bimini top and canvas enclosure that was taken down for your shrink wrap $195 (Includes shrink wrap disposal fee $20)

Shrink Wrap Disposal Fee $20   Mandatory fee for all shrink wrap left at marina for us to dispose of (Included in "Spring Summerization Package & Shrink Wrap Removal Special" )

Tune Up Inboard or Stern Drive

(Change fuel filter(s), cylinder compression test, cylinder cancel test, change spark plugs, adjust carb and choke if equipped, diagnostic EFI check if equipped, clean flame arrestor, time engine, adjust belt(s), tighten all clamps, grease fittings, adjust cables if needed, check water pump, check alternator output, tighten battery cables. Prices are "Plus Parts". With "Spring Commissioning" (circle) V-8 $250, V-6 $225, 4-Cyl $200 Without "Spring Commissioning" or trailer boat (circle) V-8 $350, V-6 $300, 4-Cyl $250

MerCruiser Alpha Drive Service - Removal, Inspection, Alignment Check, Lube  - $295.00 + Parts

MerCruiser Bravo Drive Service - Removal, Inspection, Alignment Check, Lube  - $325 + Parts

Volvo Penta/OMC Drive Service - Removal, Inspection, Alignment check, Lube  - $350.00 + Parts

Alpha MerCruiser Water Pump Impeller Replacement  - $225.00 + Parts

Inboard/V-Drive/Bravo/Volvo and All Other Water Pump Impeller Replacements please call as price is based on accessibility around your engine(s) (around $150.00 plus parts plus summerize if needed)


In-House Professional Buffing - Exterior Buffing Only - Quote Per Inspection ($20 to $50 a foot depending on your boats condition and width (beam)) We use only the best products when buffing your boat! Buffing includes a proffesional buff of the exterior of your boat, a finishing wash and window clean to remove buffing dust and residue. Call for quote Miller's Marine Center 219-762-8767

Bottom Painting

Bottom Repaint - $25 a painted linear foot. (A 30 foot boat may only have 25 linear feet of painted bottom). This price includes a repaint over existing bottom paint. We will pre-sand your existing paint and will roll on two coats of appropriate bottom paint. We will tape off at existing lines and mask fittings, etc.. Price includes everything (tape, brushes, rollers, sand paper) except paint . Anti fouling paint varies greatly in price and we will discuss pricing with customer (ranges from $80 to $300 a gallon) . No guarantees on this service as we had no control over previous application that we are painting over. Large beam boats may be extra or take on and off your trailer.Based on inspection.

Bare Bottom Barrier Coat and Paint - $70 a painted linear foot plus paint. Includes pre-sand bottom to 80 grit finish, pre-paint prep (mask, tape, solvent wash), apply 5 coats of barrier coat, Apply 2 coats anti fouling bottom paint. Price does not include paint or a bottom acid wash if needed. Additional cost for large beam boats - call. A liability waiver must be signed for this service as we follow paint manufacturer’s recommended methods to a "T" during this service, but there always lingers a possible pre existing condition, that can not be detected without excessive testing, that could result in future blistering even though we did a correct application. Price does not include paint stripping of previously painted boats - call. Based on inspection

Bottom Paint Stripping - $40 a painted linear foot. Strip existing bottom paint off. Strip to gel coat and leave an 80 grit finish ready for new paint. Price subject to pre inspection. Does not include gel coat repairs if needed. There may be additional costs for large beam boats or taking boat on and off your trailer - call. Based on inspection

Launch Dates

I have elected to go with my FREE "Spring Launch" and wish to schedule a launch on these specific days and time.

Choice #1 Day and Time , 2019 at time: (No launches after 10am Saturday and Sunday)

Choice #2 Day and Time , 2019 at time: (No launches after 10am Saturday and sunday)

Choice #3 Day and Time , 2019 at time: (No launches after 10am Saturday and sunday)

I understand that the marina will call me and verify the dates and any further details and do their best to meet the dates

I (boat owner) understand if the weather is bad, scheduling conflicts, equipment breakage, or things beyond the control of Miller’s Westerman’s Marina may hinder the exact launch dates and I remain somewhat flexible. The winter storage package ends on May 15th and summer storage charges start. Thus is, unless we have rescheduled your launch and moved your launch day beyond May 15th. and/or are performing services on your boat. Note: If a scheduled launch day is missed or not cancelled 48hrs prior to scheduled launch by you the customer a $50 fee will be charged. Thus if it was an acceptable day to launch to be determined by Miller’s Westerman’s Marina.

I can't make at a designated time or I have to come after hours or take it to my slip. I have elected to go with the "Captains Launch" ($175) option and would like the boat to be in the water and docked and ready previous to (date) , 2019. I understand that the marina will call me and verify the dates and any further details. Choose this option if you need pick up after hours.

I am flexible on my launch date and will leave it up to Miller’s Westerman’s Marina to launch my boat in a timely manor this spring. Miller’s Westerman’s Marina will contact boat owners on dates and times available.

Boat & Owner Information


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I am authorizing the repair work indicating on this form to be done by Miller’s Westerman’s Marina. If marina should run into issues or charges are expected to be more then indicated the marina will contact the boat owner before proceeding with said repairs. I also have read and agree to terms and conditions. If your boat is not picked up and paid for after 10 days of work completion notification a $20 a day storage fee will apply. A 1.8% per month interest rate will be charged on all unpaid balances. Any additions or changes will only be accepted in writing (email,text,note,Add On repair order, Fax). I also authorize that MWM can operate my boat with no incured liability.


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